EOS Fuel Mapping Algorithm Truck-Related Fuel Consumption Reporting

Phase 1 Analysis – Preliminary Results: 6-axle, 100,000 Pound Vehicle Configuration


The trucking industry employed an additional 49,000 truck drivers in 2020.

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The Real Cost of Trucking in the United States

Your Typical Class A Tractor Trailer, has an average annual cost of more than $100,000 of diesel fuel per year.

About EOS Fuel Management System

Vehicle Industry Focus — Performance Optimization.
In addition to the Fuel Mapping Algorithm, we have also developed a unique solution for the high-speed competitive race sector to optimize driving performance.

Through a digital algorithm, high-speed vehicles convert electrical impulses to powerful energy bursts, equivalent to 60-70 kilowatt. This innovation effectively supports quick (and safe) "lap" maneuvers at rates unprecedented.

What's at Stake?

Rising fuel costs continue to negatively impact profit margins for companies that rely on long-distance, heavy load trucking (carrier) services within its' supply chain.

Your Opportunity innovative technology increases fuel efficiencies with upwards of thirteen percent savings

How Does It Work?

The Fuel Mapping Algorithm calculates the drivers driving patterns driver to determine the best fuel ratio for the delivery of the fuel system.

Based on the fuel optimization ratio, the algorithm will constructively optimize the fuel flow of the unit and reduce overall fuel usage. The algorithm tracks key fuel metrics, captured in the EOS Fuel Management app.

Create Long-term, Positive Business Impact

The patent-pending Fuel Mapping Algorithm doesn't stop at 13% fuel efficiencies we can generate greater optimization at longer distance thresholds. Safety-approved by DOT for all US vehicles, this new go-to-market strategy offers clients the opportunity to leverage the Fuel Mapping Algorithm.

As the volatile fuel economy continues to set record-high pricing, we leverage the opportunity to save significant operational cost and stay ahead of your competition.

EOS is a OTA platform

Ewebdata EOS Fuel Management System - Key Features

A Wireless: digital algorithm uploaded to truck ECU
DOT Certified: approved safe for all US vehicles A USPTO: Patent pending.

Implementation time for 500 trucks in 30 minutes
A Significant Savings Opportunity with upwards of 13 % fuel efficiencies

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EOS Fuel Management Systems